The Short Lived, Victorious Barbarian. Is that you?


Lawrence Miller, in this article, draws a parallel between the life cycle of a civilization with that on a corporation. Arguably, both pursue creation, attainment and eventual destruction of wealth.

Timely and timebound presence of leaders of differing styles and personas is critical for a timely transition of an organization to a long sustainable fleet of balance and peace.

Edison for example, was a prophet: a great innovator, but a terrible communicator, and even worse as a people person. He is known to have used the hallway floors as a receptacle to tobacco spits. Gross as it may be, he classified the entire floor as a juice pan, stating that any other solution would be a distraction from his primary purpose of experimentation.

As is widely known, Steven Jobs returned back to Apple Computer as a barbarian – making decision without wide consensuses, committed to clear goals at any cost.

Magellan on the other hand, was an explorer – scaling newer heights and reaching farther distances with discipline and order.

Knowing where you are in your career, and society,

What is your decision making style?

What kind of leader are you?

More importantly, can you adapt your style when needed? To what extent?:-)


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